Our research has identified a preference for training through team incubation – and for a hands-on approach. One reason for the low-level output and lack of professionalism is linked to limited experience in the field of team working and co-creation. There is a need for training of groups of practitioners, who can eventually form production teams and companies after the training. 

Film Lab Zanzibar will offer Labs for Semi-Professionals from East Africa aiming to function as incubator cycles for creative idea development, innovative storytelling and directing, production design and post-production, all leading to producing short films. East African trainees will be grouped into country-based incubation hives to strengthen teamwork, introducing an aspect of competition and encouraging potential post-training team development in their respective countries. Four-member production teams from four countries of the region will be selected to receive complimentary workshops and rental credits to produce their selected short film in their home countries. An important part of the track will be to support female filmmakers to integrate in these teams and to eventually work in teams of women only, and do it with confidence, trust and power.

The lab will purposefully follow the progress of the incubated teams after the training. Mentors could become a future key resource person to the group in order to discuss operations, results and strategies. The trainers for this track will be experienced filmmakers or teachers from Africa or beyond, working together with the Lab’s permanent teaching staff.