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This is the Flagship Program of the Foundation.  It focusses on incubating creative filmmakers in the East African community. This is a year-long program of cultural and creative interests.

The Program begins In October- Nov 2020 with an Online Train the Trainer Program


Digital marketing is actually a process. A process through which one can grow business and drive revenue. There are many digital platforms /channels that sell different products using different strategies. Sanaa Duka will be an overview of how to grow a business with digital marketing, utilising traditional business thought systems and innovative approaches. This program is scheduled to begin in late 2021.


East Africa has a population of over 120 million people many of whom speak Kiswahili. Nonetheless there are only a few cinema complexes that are patronised by the small but growing middle class. However, scattered throughout Urban and semi-urban areas, are video viewing halls and open air screenings in villages that could serve the needs of the communities. These screening activities could also become entrepreneurial sites for young creative business people, for those who cannot afford to visit the cinema complexes. Further, the local film production could be well served by well-organised, well-managed and well-supported video distribution system. This program will begin in early 2021.


East Africa needs creative filmmakers and we have created a lab to develop them through collaboration. Collaboration allows us to know more than we are capable of knowing by ourselves, building trust and working together towards success.


The overall objective of Film Lab Zanzibar is to enable East African filmmakers to develop as talents and professionals, capable of producing high quality content, with impact on industry growth, cultural development and social change. 


Our Challenge is to grow African cinema through African inspiration. Inspiration for the lab was from Gaston Kabore, Eminent Africa Filmmaker and Founder of Imagine, Burkina Faso. We also welcome exchanges where young people learn through interaction, inspiration and aspiration.