East African filmmakers often describe their situation as being isolated from the global professional film industry. They rarely experience opportunities to receive professional mentorship and support in ways to navigate in the international environment.

Film Lab Zanzibar will implement Labs for professionals, where participants work closely with expert script consultants and producers, and through proficient interaction to fine-tune their scripts and enhance other filmic elements. They should advance a project to the level where it can be pitched and produced. This learning process is meant to enable filmmakers to refine personal ways of framing the world. 

These labs will be done in partnerships with world-recognised partners. In this way, Film Lab Zanzibar’s teaching staff will learn from highly experienced partner-lab programs. Furthermore, the module will engender excellence and give Film Lab Zanzibar an international stamp of approval. 

The physical hub must work hand in hand with the virtual version of the hub, especially at this level. While Film Lab Zanzibar will be present and exchange knowledge with film schools and film festivals, locally-regionally and internationally, the lab will also share knowledge online, stream content on a web channel, cooperate with TV-Broadcasters and inform filmmakers about international events and opportunities. To support the industry in connecting to the world will be a key element in the profile of Film Lab Zanzibar.